@ 2 0 1 9  b y  m a r a  m a p e s // p o w e r e d  b y  w i x

a l l  p i c t u r e s  t a k e n  b y  m a r a 

p  h  o  t  o   g  r  a  p  h  y

You’re in love? I love it. 

Whether you’re proposing (ah!), engaged, or getting married,

I want to authentically capture the way your one-of-a-kind stories are intertwining.


S O  Y O U  W A N N A  K N O W  M O R E

p r i c i n g  v s  i n v e s t m e n t

weddings begin: $2,500  &&  adventures!: $400

Let's stop thinking of pictures as a one time payment.

Rather, let us remember that pictures are an investment. 

They are a representation of moments &

pieces of time to treasure for years to come. 



t h e  p r o c e s s

The process for working with me is super simple.

1! EMAIL ME! Introduce yourself & what you are looking for!


2! I will send an email back with EVERYTHING you need to know moving      forward. Pricing details, experience details, location details . . .



P.S! Please ask me all the questions in your smart lil head, ok! 

The very best way to get in in touch with me is through email! My email is capturedbymara@gmail.com

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My hope is that you will have a simple, encouraging, and positive experience from start to finish. Most of all, I hope we have a blast together! I hope we all laugh a ton. We’ll play music, you will basically be on a cute lil' date and hopefully forget I am even taking pictures. If there’s anything in particular you want from your session, please don't hesitate to let me know.

You wanna pop a lil bubbly?