@ 2 0 1 9  b y  m a r a  m a p e s // p o w e r e d  b y  w i x

a l l  p i c t u r e s  t a k e n  b y  m a r a 

p  h  o  t  o   g  r  a p  h  y

thank you for visiting my lil piece of the interwebs and wanting to learn more about me. It is truly a blessing to be able to share my story, who I am, and why I do what I do. here is about . 1 4 3 % of who I am!

If you are going to know anything about me you should know that Jesus is my main guy & being his ambassador on this

side of heaven is pretty stinkin cool. He has given me a heart that longs for everybody in this world to feel loved & included.

I’m relentlessly passionate about loving everyone without hesitation, no matter their opinions, talents,

& closest to my heart: their abilities.


This work gives me the opportunity to shout EVERYONE’S worth by inviting each

soul to feel significant and then sharing their unique beauty with the world.

f o u r  f a c t s  b o u t  m e !

"I was born and raised in central Iowa. I have a bachelors degree in Child, Adult, and Family services and am currently at Iowa State University studying to receive my masters in Human Development and Family Studies. 

I LOVE learning about people."

"My fam is my #1.

I brag that I am the luckiest daughter and big sister in the whole entire world.

There will never be enough room on the internet to express the love I have for my family."

"After meeting me you will notice right away that I scream talk 90% of the time & the space between my brain & my mouth is very thin... my filter is normally non-existent."

"My #1 Love Language is words of affirmation, which means I feel

most full when I am told how

much somebody appreciates

and loves me.


I also remind others of how

awesome they are.

All because I strongly believe

we are all super uniquely

awesome & being reminded

of that, ROCKS."

w h y  p h o t o g r a p h y ?

photography has given me the

opportunity to capture timeless stories and shout the worth of all. 


my passion for creativity and heart

for inclusivity collide in the same space, and I could not be more thankful for that.

If you are here to learn a lil about me //

wanna be bffs, PLEASE reach out.

I genuinely love meeting new people &

might be the most extroverted extrovert there is.

email: capturedbymara@gmail.com

INSTA: @maramapesphotography